People who crush it

AKA Serena Williams. It may take time to become the boss you are. Do you remember when Serena Williams wasn’t #1? When she was coming up, when Venus was better than her, when she lost a bunch of matches? Yeah. Me neither. Her record-shattering performances over the past decade, toppling records set by Steffi Graf … More People who crush it


So, I know I’ve not shared a lot of the manuscript here, but have shared a lot, but there is a lot more I could put out there (here, I guess). I’m actually almost done writing draft 1. But I haven’t typed it up, because I am weird and prefer to write on paper. Also, … More Pondering

The bestie

First, we got to see Brandi Carlile Sunday night. It was so beautiful. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve had the same best friend since I was 6. When we were younger, she was tiny. I was not, having hit my growth spurt early on. We used to play football in my backyard and she’d … More The bestie

The bold

First things first. Jenny Lawson is a super hero. If you need a laugh (and I know you do) check out this blog post. I mean, it’s called “Someone get me a monkey” for pete’s sake. Fair warning, I laughed out loud and so hard I may have shed a tear. So worth it. On … More The bold