The chill Hawaiian

On our last day in Maui, my partner and I decided one last trip to Paia was in order. Though we’d stayed in Ka’anapali, we fell in love with Paia. Not just because Mama’s Fish House is nearby, though that didn’t hurt. It’s just a sweet, small-feeling beach town. It’s a bit less resort-y and … More The chill Hawaiian


First of all, happy first day of spring! If you are bold, brave and perhaps crazy enough to start your own business, we might get along. Talk about living boldly, these people put it all on the line for what they believe in doing. In the summer between the 2 years of the MBA program, … More Entrepreneurs

People who crush it

AKA Serena Williams. It may take time to become the boss you are. Do you remember when Serena Williams wasn’t #1? When she was coming up, when Venus was better than her, when she lost a bunch of matches? Yeah. Me neither. Her record-shattering performances over the past decade, toppling records set by Steffi Graf … More People who crush it


So, I know I’ve not shared a lot of the manuscript here, but have shared a lot, but there is a lot more I could put out there (here, I guess). I’m actually almost done writing draft 1. But I haven’t typed it up, because I am weird and prefer to write on paper. Also, … More Pondering

The bestie

First, we got to see Brandi Carlile Sunday night. It was so beautiful. Anyone who knows me knows I’ve had the same best friend since I was 6. When we were younger, she was tiny. I was not, having hit my growth spurt early on. We used to play football in my backyard and she’d … More The bestie

The bold

First things first. Jenny Lawson is a super hero. If you need a laugh (and I know you do) check out this blog post. I mean, it’s called “Someone get me a monkey” for pete’s sake. Fair warning, I laughed out loud and so hard I may have shed a tear. So worth it. On … More The bold