Art and symbol

Perhaps once thought of as a part of a new move by the Catholic Church, Karl Rahner represented a far more “populist” platform during Vatican II and then promptly died. Well before I was born. But he has influenced my thoughts from afar. His theological concepts, thoughts and general discourse changed how I looked at … More Art and symbol

The surly Scot

It was my beloved partner who discovered Stuart MacBride. A Scottish writer, long on macabre police procedurals and Scottish witticisms, especially expletives and crazy descriptions of his characters. He creates and abundance of personality, and his people are out sized. His bumbling hero, Logan McRae, is constantly finding himself in precarious if not downright life-threatening … More The surly Scot

With love from Texas

Jenny Lawson. Who doesn’t love someone with an obsession with taxidermy? And a host of other quirks And a serious case of anxiety and depression (self-described), among other things. If you haven’t read her stuff, you should. Furiously Happy had me laughing out loud on public transit. Keeps the rest of the public at bay … More With love from Texas

The confessionals

Ok, so to start, yes, I realize this whole effort could be considered along the lines of confessional. As I endeavored this outline and the writing thereafter, the only promise I made to myself is to try and speak my truth. Not that the truth is a constant, but to channel my inner John Leguizamo … More The confessionals

Writers, pt. I

The Russians A long time ago, when I was in 10th grade, I was finishing my books in my English class way ahead of schedule. So my teacher found a solution and sent me across the hall to another classroom with a copy of Anna Karenina. Game changer. I dove into that complex, beautiful world … More Writers, pt. I