Pain in the @ss

This is a fitting post for today. We’ve hit the rainy season here in Seattle. If it’s anything like last year, we’ll be seeing less than 24 hours of sun over the next five or six months. Let’s hope it’s not like last year. At any rate, this is the last part of the insomnia … More Pain in the @ss

Getting humbled

I’m working on my consistency when posting. Meaning, I’ve not been consistent. It’s something that’s important to me for myself, not really just for my blog. So, I’m going to try and regain my practice of posting on Tuesday and Thursday. Yesterday was World Mental Health Day. Today is National Coming Out Day. To all … More Getting humbled


I think jellies make a good nemesis picture… As persistent and undefeated as it is, insomnia has transcended the rank of arch rival. Demanding far too much of my time and energy, it is my nemesis. Beyond rivalry, this is not about competition, it’s about ruining things. It’s about destruction. It’s about downfall. It’s an … More Nemesis


I hate sleeplessness. When I was in my 20’s it used to make me so MAD. Being furious is not conducive to sleeping. I guess I’ve mellowed out a bit. Now I just lay there, awake, quietly. Ok, I also have a partner, who does sleep. So I usually hit the couch or just keep … More Rivalry