Always on

I need an off switch. Specifically for my brain, because it’s not letting me sleep enough. Not a new problem, but an annoying one all the same. Currently, I can’t sleep for shit. Or for any other reason. Some days I wonder if it matters and other days I wonder how it cannot. Though, to … More Always on


I am much remiss in posting this summer. No real excuses, but all the same. I have a job this year, which I didn’t hold last summer. Apparently, that takes some time. Which is great. I’m quite happy to be working away. But haven’t done crap about balancing that with keeping up on the writing, … More Summertime

Post 9/11 Hero

After undergrad, I went straight on to get my Master of Theological Studies. In Boston. We started class 9/12/2001. It was intense timing. One of the first classes I enrolled in was Islam in America. I was surprised to be granted the opportunity to be one of the few students in the lecture, as selected … More Post 9/11 Hero

Goodnight, Chef

I woke to the troubling news that Anthony Bourdain is dead. According to news reports, he committed suicide. It saddens me, but it also makes me think of why, because I certainly didn’t know the man. But I knew his stories. And I loved the way he told them. In fact, I had the opportunity … More Goodnight, Chef

Being disagreeable

As a freshman in college, I was required to take an intro to logic and critical thinking. The professor was notorious for being a bit intimidating and didn’t mess around. He routinely would select one of the 15 or so of us with which to argue a point. He then proceeded to just barely nudge … More Being disagreeable

Art and symbol

Perhaps once thought of as a part of a new move by the Catholic Church, Karl Rahner represented a far more “populist” platform during Vatican II and then promptly died. Well before I was born. But he has influenced my thoughts from afar. His theological concepts, thoughts and general discourse changed how I looked at … More Art and symbol

The surly Scot

It was my beloved partner who discovered Stuart MacBride. A Scottish writer, long on macabre police procedurals and Scottish witticisms, especially expletives and crazy descriptions of his characters. He creates and abundance of personality, and his people are out sized. His bumbling hero, Logan McRae, is constantly finding himself in precarious if not downright life-threatening … More The surly Scot