Team T, part 2

My other must-have services are acupuncture, massage, and a good haircut. Perhaps not everybody’s top 3 self-care items, but they are mine. Additional healers My acupuncturist is the coolest. Super chill, definitely an empath and good at stabbing people just so to make them feel better. If you’ve ever had good acupuncture, hooray! If you’ve … More Team T, part 2

Team T

I want anyone who reads this to understand one thing. I am so fortunate. The people in my life are amazing. The first group I’m recognizing here are the pros. Literally professionals who offer services that are damn critical in life, at least in my life. Let’s start with my doctor. She’s a god damned … More Team T

Pain and gifts

Anxiety is painful, not just because it can really wreak havoc on many parts of life. It’s physically painful. During the 3 ½ month-long anxiety attack, my chest was so tight. I had a hard time taking a deep breath. My ears burned, turning bright red just because. My hands shook. I got weirdly overcome … More Pain and gifts

When it gets awkward

First, some winter flowers. Isn’t it awesome I can still get blooms when the weather has gone all sideways? Anyway, about being anxious… Of course, thinking about it just exacerbates everything. Worried I might get sweaty? Sweaty it is! Worried I might make a fool of myself in public? Sure, go right ahead! Worried I … More When it gets awkward