I did the thing

And I also failed to do the thing. I’ve been to a few classes at the gym, which seems mostly like a funny metaphor. Like, I used to go to a gym regularly, and sorta at least figured out what I was doing. Or I was at least doing similar shit to other people who … More I did the thing

goodbye, year

But it won’t get any harder And I hope you’ll find your way again And it won’t get any higher And it all boils down to what you did there The Cranberries – Disappointment   The fine filament flows outward over the past, year, two years, three, however many. A retrospective gloom casts its way … More goodbye, year

This election day

I have a hard time with politics. Too much deceit, divisiveness, and lack of truth. Yet the election is the only thing anyone is speaking of, so here are my thoughts. Hold me now I am floating away into the overcast sky over my hometown on election day What is it about Birmingham? What is … More This election day

Always on

I need an off switch. Specifically for my brain, because it’s not letting me sleep enough. Not a new problem, but an annoying one all the same. Currently, I can’t sleep for shit. Or for any other reason. Some days I wonder if it matters and other days I wonder how it cannot. Though, to … More Always on


I am much remiss in posting this summer. No real excuses, but all the same. I have a job this year, which I didn’t hold last summer. Apparently, that takes some time. Which is great. I’m quite happy to be working away. But haven’t done crap about balancing that with keeping up on the writing, … More Summertime