Things I couldn’t do last week, or possibly ever.

I haven’t really been feeling the words except far too internally of late, so hence, I’ve not been writing much other than what communications I have to do for my job. Which is fine. There will be time. But I have seen a few things that warrant commenting on, and yes, I’m going to be annoying and share links if I can’t easily embed stuff, but I don’t own any of the content I’m about to share, so you can deal with it, or not. Trust me, I am not sending a bunch of garbage into the universe.

In other news I went to my friend’s birthday party, built a bonfire with his dad, and managed to leave without maiming myself falling down approximately 42 treacherous stairs built into a hillside with no handrail, bordered by a spider-infested blackberry bramble. It was absolutely pitch-black. I win.

First: love.

They are my absolute favorite power couple. If this doesn’t give you some intense (joyful) feelings and maybe a tear or two, go see your doctor and ask them if your heart is dead. Because I’d swear it’d have to be.

Second: Heartfelt and hilarious.

Jenny Damn Lawson. I’ve written about her before and I will do it again, but really, just do yourself a favor and read this, because you might cry-laugh, spit whatever beverage you are consuming out your nose, or at least feel like there’s a thing worth living for in the world. I don’t know. I may have done all three. I mean really. “I suspect I’ve died and I’m concerned but too high to do anything about it.” Trust me. It’s long. And it’s totally worth it.

Third: WTAF?

I was recently watching rhythmic gymnastics with a couple of friends, which is something I don’t know a damn thing about and it was fascinating. Also, a bit odd, but simultaneously show-stopping. Then my 2 friends started speaking in absolute bananas-range gibberish and I was very confused. Until they showed me the thing they were quoting and had both memorized. My friends are weird, but effective. This is 48 seconds of nonsense commentary about gymnastics that again, may part your beverage from your face. Maybe try and not consume anything whilst watching. “Really tested the limits of his spanx, there.”

That’s all I’ve got. How is your week going?

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