Hang up the barstool, pick up a barbell

I quit my job. Pitched as a consultative role in the financial industry, it was in reality a volume sales play. I am not good at volume sales. I’m not pushy, or “sales-y” – the only way I’ve ever sold anything has been through demonstrating quality work, specifically content. My work, my words, my worth. Onward and upward.

In the meantime, I’ve decided to join a cult community of super enthusiastic, supportive and dedicated people at Fuelhouse. It’s a gym. It’s terrifying. Given my current lack of fitness it could be quite ugly. I am certain it will be painful. I might throw up. I might pass out. I might cry. Probably all three. But my partner won a free month to give to a friend, and like the awesome person she is, gave it to me…

I do have goals: build confidence, start some better habits, and well, someday, be much more fit that I am today.

If you see me collapsed in the grass between the sidewalk and the street, pay no mind. I’ll crawl home eventually. If you’re of a mind to send good thoughts my way, or an oxygen tank, I’m embarking on this adventure June 4th. If you don’t hear from me for a while, it’ll likely be that I can’t use my arms.

One thought on “Hang up the barstool, pick up a barbell

  1. This is awesome! I felt the same way when I joined FH almost 4 years ago. You may still find me at the top of the hill laying on the sidewalk but it isn’t because I haven’t improved, it’s because Kiel is constantly trying to kill me. 🙂 June 4th eh? See ya then!! Oh, one my first day I cried but did I EVER get all the hugs and encouragement I needed!! FH is my happy place and I hope you find it will be yours too! Cheers, Charlotte

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