I am much remiss in posting this summer. No real excuses, but all the same. I have a job this year, which I didn’t hold last summer. Apparently, that takes some time. Which is great. I’m quite happy to be working away. But haven’t done crap about balancing that with keeping up on the writing, especially the sharing thereof.

Yep, I am busier this summer, with things that aren’t conducive to writing and sharing. So it is.

Here’s a couple of updates. Some of you may recall I said I was going to write a book of sorts. Well, draft one is hand written, and a bunch of it longs to be part of the manuscript online, but hasn’t migrated there yet. So summer goals – finish that. And, then, much to be done, meaning the draft needs love, editing, attention, editing, cutting, building, trashing, and growth. All that stuff. But has to be in one form, first.

In the mean time, I’m trying to get it together to post anything relevant, to avoid melting in the summer sun (which we are sorely under prepared for in Seattle), and generally trying to avoid being warm grumpy.

However, here’s an important side note: RASPBERRIES. There’s a lovely untended bramble just down the street from where I live, practically encroaching on the sidewalk, and ignored by the residents who live in the adjacent apartment building. I love fresh, sun-warmed summer berries, of almost any kind. Free raspberries within a block of my place are perfect. Especially if they appear to be free game raspberries. Nobody, in the 6 years I’ve lived here, has ever said anything negative to me about my picking their raspberries. Honestly, my best guess is that people would rather pay $5 or $6 for a tiny basket so they don’t scratch themselves.

Perhaps I see the berries differently. As a kiddo, our neighbors’ backyard was overrun with black raspberry brambles (note: not blackberries). They are awesomely delicious, and we’d always hope to gather enough to make a pie. They are tiny. The raspberries here are slightly bigger, generally, than black raspberries, but still very much smaller than blackberries. Also super delicious. I’ll risk a few scrapes and pokey moments if I can get a couple of handfuls. I’m not making pie, but throw them over vanilla ice cream and add a little whipped cream, and I’ve a perfect summer treat.

So, whereas I’ve not found a balance between chasing people who aren’t engaged because they are on sunbathing mode, and despite the fact work takes a longer time to execute because it’s not raining for a change, I get to enjoy the best of summer. I may be pale, but those raspberries are just what the summer goddess ordered.

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