The favorite philosopher

So I am not necessarily qualified any longer to discuss Gadamer. It’s been too long and I’m too far removed. I do recall reading Truth and Method and peeling back a few layers of my brain. Probably should address more on this in another book, but suffice it to say it became clear that truth is a belief, not necessarily a reality and our methodology on how we treat both truth and lies and how comfortable we get with grey area impacts how we live. See Brene Brown for a better detailed explanation, or Gadamer himself.

Let me cut to the chase. I am really interested in what motivates people, and how we understand or fail to understand each other. Philosophical hermeneutics – the thoughts/philosophy on the science of understanding is what Truth and Method is about. The book is a fortress. I basically have to read it aloud to myself to absorb anything at this point. My brain just doesn’t process things like that on demand anymore.

Gadamer’s deep dive into the science of understanding and how we, as people, limit or expand our capacity to enter into conversation/dialogue with others blew my hair back. It’s all about how we interpret, how open to perspective we are. And it’s wild given our current context.

I’m not sure recovering intentionality may or may not be possible. I think we should try. At any rate, we do need to acknowledge our biases and the history in which we exist.

Things will be viewed differently in the future. It doesn’t make us right or wrong. It does make subjectivity ever present. The two are not the same and trying to qualify events is often not the best tool of examination.

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