Even Cowgirls get the Blues

Well, better Friday than never, right. Besides, I had to wait for the mountain to come out so I could get a decent picture from the bus…

Sissy Hankshaw may have changed my life. Of course, Tom Robbins is a Seattle guy. And an ex-lover of mine introduced me to his work. But he’s a unicorn. Sissy, by all accounts, is odd. Big thumbs, free love, nothing is sacred. His words are a weave. They take a journey, they spin the wool, they move your brain around.

Then he does it again. He also collaborates with other artists I love, like Ani DiFranco. He also has great titles – “Skinny Legs and All,” “Still Life with Woodpecker,” “Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas” – the power of words, the ability to describe, precisely, with richness and humor. The use of the right words at the right time. All of it is in the details.

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