With love from Texas

Jenny Lawson. Who doesn’t love someone with an obsession with taxidermy? And a host of other quirks And a serious case of anxiety and depression (self-described), among other things. If you haven’t read her stuff, you should. Furiously Happy had me laughing out loud on public transit. Keeps the rest of the public at bay when they think you are truly crazy, which by my judgement, I am.

Her other book Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is also a riot. She tells her heartbreaking truths in the most entertaining way. She also had the smarts to create a coloring book with her doodles and insights, so you can be inspired but without having to think too hard and easily get distracted by coloring the doodles. It’s therapeutic, for sure.

Her openness about her life, her story, her struggles, is super-real, heartfelt and delivered with just enough aplomb and vivid language that you have to keep going. She also has some odd shopping habits that might get a little alarming if they showed up at your doorstep. I think reading her books might have been the final impetus, along with some super gentle prodding from my coach, to actually write this thing. So, Jenny, if this should somehow ever find you, thank you.

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