First of all, happy first day of spring!

If you are bold, brave and perhaps crazy enough to start your own business, we might get along. Talk about living boldly, these people put it all on the line for what they believe in doing.

In the summer between the 2 years of the MBA program, I interned with 2 startups. One was in the construction safety space, the other a healthcare app play. Even though I had no practical experience in either of these fields, the brave souls running these companies agreed to bring me on so I could do some of the million or so tasks that needed to happen before either business could go to market. I got to bear witness to really smart people building from the ground up. I saw intense personalities butt heads. I explored building sales funnels, branding, product testing, web copy, app display and more. The flush of success when funding came in. Being on a highway construction site and a roof in the middle of the night. Prototype assembly. All very cool stuff. And happy to say, now, 2 success stories.

After the MBA, two other entrepreneurs hired me into their marketing consultancy. I learned an immense amount. Partly how to be a consultant, how to be a better storyteller, how to work with very different client personalities and make them happy enough that they recommend your team to others. It was fun. The team was great. So far, it’s the job I’ve loved the most.

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