So, I know I’ve not shared a lot of the manuscript here, but have shared a lot, but there is a lot more I could put out there (here, I guess). I’m actually almost done writing draft 1. But I haven’t typed it up, because I am weird and prefer to write on paper. Also, because I have a thing with my rotator cuff and don’t feel like schlepping my laptop every place with me…

I digress. Anyway, I am sharing today that I have drafted 9 of the original 13 sections (chapters, maybe) of my outline. And I am looking forward to getting through the next 4 starting today. And then I will try to get it into digital form so I can read, see what I like, see what I think stinks, do some re-writes and edits, and then figure out what the hell to do with the thing. I am leaning toward publishing if I can. Maybe that is a pipe dream. Maybe I can do it. Who knows?

Also, it’s super windy and snowing cherry blossoms in Seattle today. Best kind of snow I can think of.

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