People who run away with the circus


It is brilliantly sunny today and not nearly as cold. Hurrah!

Ok, so I only know 2 trapeze artists. And of those 2, I really only know one well. But let me tell you, these women are truly impressive. The one who I know by name but am not close with performs locally and in other cities around the country. She also has other jobs, as her art doesn’t necessarily pay all the bills. Talk about graceful and buff. I’ve not even seen her perform, but the way she moves is pretty much a performance. Easy, graceful, reserved, efficient. Impressive.

My other friend is just out of control awesome. We used to work together in San Francisco. She used to run job training programs for formerly homeless adults so they could find decent jobs. A former gymnast, she got the idea to attend the Circus Center in San Francisco and learn the trapeze. She excelled at it. I got to see her perform while she was still in her learning phase and it was far more than impressive. She kept improving.

Then, she literally quit her job and ran off with the circus. Traveled the world and all. Tents, caravans, cruise ships. An amazing partner in her duo. Since I moved away from San Francisco and she left the country, we haven’t talked much, but I’ve seen snapshots of her journey. Through all of it, she kept her beautiful smile, her lovely friends and her sweet, handsome husband. All I know is it takes a hell of a lot of bold to put it down, walk away, and be beautiful in every sense of the word. But don’t let that radiant smile fool you. That woman could kick your ass 12 times to Sunday.

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