The bold

First things first. Jenny Lawson is a super hero. If you need a laugh (and I know you do) check out this blog post. I mean, it’s called “Someone get me a monkey” for pete’s sake. Fair warning, I laughed out loud and so hard I may have shed a tear. So worth it.

On to the matter at hand… I don’t know as I come off as bold to many people. A bit ridiculous, perhaps. Weird, for sure. Mouthy as hell. Occasionally smart and not just smart-assed. But, I include myself in this category for a few reasons.

As my mom has said to me on more than one occasion, “Do what you want, you will anyway.” It’s not like she’s wrong. I can be a frustrating person. Stubborn is the tip of the iceberg. I like to think of it as persistence. When I went to college, I entered as a journalism/mass communications major. I found the course work boring, so I switched to English literature. I was happy there, exploring stories and narrative styles. As practical as journalism, which isn’t is dead as they say, perhaps not.

After finishing my undergraduate education, I decided to pursue a Master of Theological Studies in Boston. Because I grew up in a town of 5,000 and went to a school of 2,000 for college, I was all ready at 22 for the city life. I moved to Boston on September 4, 2001. You figure it out. Also, theology—very, very practical.

I got the degree and joined the non-profit army. So practical. A couple of years later, I decided to move to San Francisco. I didn’t know a single person who lived there. Just headed across the continent. Yup.

Finally, I applied for and was accepted to the MBA program. Only cost $100,000 I didn’t have. I’m not saying all of these moves have been smart, but I feel like at least a few of them have been bold.

There are plenty of others, far more bold and I’ll detail some of them in the upcoming posts.

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