“Hope is a function of struggle.”

I’m quoting Brene Brown here. I really like her work, it’s research based, honest and she’s a great storyteller. But today I write about hope because it’s been sort of a theme of the week for me. She wrote about it in detail in her book Daring Greatly. In it, she addresses how children learn to be hopeful, but I think it applies to people in general, not just children.

Maybe because I just learned (or re-learned) to have hope over the past year. Yes, Brown states that hope is learned. I’ve seemed to notice that it’s not guaranteed, and it’s not innate, and it doesn’t always last. But it can be learned.

She says to learn hopefulness you need three things: boundaries, consistency and support. I went through a long period of my life with shitty boundaries, heaps of consistency and a steady refusal to ask for support.

That’s changed. I’ll get back to posting excerpts from my manuscript, but look, I at least posted twice this week. Spring is coming, despite the snow. Enjoy the flowers.

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