People who are humble


This section begins my heroes and rock stars section… not that the aforementioned people aren’t but this is a broader cast of the net.

And, no, I don’t mean people who humble brag. I mean people who just do what they do, no big deal. Yet, they totally kick ass whenever they do their thing.

A lot of people where I grew up just live their honest truths and don’t embellish reality too much. I admire that. Cases in point, a few of my high school teachers.

The English teacher. She is an inveterate Shakespeare lover who introduced a bunch of willy nilly teenagers to the awesomeness of the Bard. And to live productions of plays. She organized and lead us on a trip to Stratford, Ontario where they have an awesome annual season of plays—mostly Shakespeare, but others too. It’s fantastic. She’s expert enough that she teaches courses there in the summer. She also made sure it wasn’t just a one-time experience.

I’ve seen some just brilliant productions. My all-time favorite was a minimalist production of Waiting for Godot. 2 actors, dressed head to toe in black. 2 black folding chairs. Proscenium stage. Funniest thing I’ve ever seen. Amazing. So good that some guy in the audience was laughing so hard he nearly made the actors break character.

That does little to sufficiently sum up the awesomeness of my teacher. She had us read Mourning Becomes Electra. She introduced us to Toni Morrison. She encouraged our creativity. She became my friend. I house-sat for her and her pets. I visit her anytime I am back where I grew up, which is almost never, but we keep in touch.

We used to drink tea and watch Law and Order. She had my back when I came out. She and my partner are friends. Best of peeps. Deals with stuff with grace and killer sense of humor. To thine own self be true.

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