Risk takers in the key of spice

There comes a time when you stop giving fucks and start doing what you want. That hit for me when I ordered Thai food for delivery. I specifically requested they include marinated Thai chilies with my order. They did not. I thought I’d just get them at the store. I couldn’t. I eventually found whole pickled chilies, but that wasn’t what I wanted. So I started my own experiment. After trying several brines, I found a formula I liked.

This is where the random strangers come in. I started taking small ramekins of chilies with me, everywhere I went. I was convinced I needed to gather a statistically significant sample of folks who tasted my chilies and said they would or would not consume and/or purchase them. I not only brought them to all of Team T, I took them to bars, restaurants, parties, etc. I got my 50-plus person sample. The feedback was consistent. “Wow! That is HOT! But delicious.” So, for a person who isn’t always that outgoing by nature, take that. I got a chef at a restaurant I love to try them, and he loved it. Hell yeah! So, for every person who willingly ingested any of my spice bombs, thank you. Sometime down the road when I make it a real company, there will be a round of chilies for all y’all.

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