The badass

We met in the MBA program. Our backgrounds are slightly different. I grew up in a rural community in Western New York state. Not quite 5,000 people. She grew up in a small town in China of about 5 million people.

Irrespective of that, we bonded over a mutual love of motorcycles and spicy things. And a healthy amount of sarcasm. And probably looking at the MBA as a challenge and growth opportunity to start on a whole new career path rather than the next step in a progression on a pre-ordained path. Neither of us were highly into the big companies and both interned with entrepreneurs. More alike than not in many ways.

At any rate, we’ve stayed in touch and work together on projects we’re into. That includes marketing, pickling, and for me, writing. That’s more my thing than hers, but I appreciate the support. So much so, that we had lunch and she said she’d purchased me a domain, because she has faith that I will extract this book from my being, and somehow, someday, this obsession with chilies is going to result in something. That’s a lot of faith and encouragement. Once we figure out what it’s going to be, she’s going to help me by building it out too.

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