This is a throwback. One of the brightest minds I’ve met. We got to be roomies whilst pursuing our MTS degrees at Harvard. Being far more dedicated to the academic craft, she, after a bit, went for the PhD. I was 2 and done—got my MTS and moved it along. I love many things about my former roomie.

The thing I might cherish the most of our shared experience was that we got to go to Fenway Park together. It was April. It was about 40 degrees. It was rainy. The Sox were playing the Kansas City Royals. At the time, the Royals were hapless, one of the worst teams in the MLB. This was pre-2004. The Sox were yet to break the curse. They weren’t even favored to win the AL East.

But we went and sat in the super not comfortable right field bleachers. And when some beefy dudes walked in wearing their “Yankees suck” t-shirts, I knew I’d found my people. They’re like Bills fans. A bit insane, a bit inspiring. And very much behind their team.

So my roomie and I got to experience that together. We’d already gone through 9/11 together. We’d go on to live in MOUSEHOUSE together (don’t ask, just shiver and assume it’s worse than you think). Amongst her many talents, she can use a credit card to pop a lock. She never doesn’t win a prize at the claw machine thingy at the grocery store. And her generous heart and Eeyore-based personality must be loved. And so much else. What a great person to get to live with.

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