The friends!

This is a select list. I am not trying to exhaust y’all with a litany of all the awesome people I’ve encountered.

The veterinarian

We met when the weather in Seattle what all Patty Griffin (rains so hard) mode. You should look it up. Instead of griping about the weather, she encouraged me to walk around Greenlake with her. To get the bloody hell out of my apartment during what turned out to be a god-awful dark season. She’s also brilliant. Funny. But damn smart. And an empath who is SO GOOD at reading people. I generally don’t try to talk about this with friends, because there’s really no point. She caught my vibe in about 30 seconds and never looked back. She is such a boon to my existence.

She also never minds when I drool over people’s dogs when we are out walking. I can’t help it. She doesn’t want me to. She’s honest, kind, sings well and is just a no bullshit person. So many people could study at her feet.

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