My girl

There’s really not enough I can express about this woman. I mean, really. As I’ve said to everyone I know, if you find yourself unable (somehow) to like her, I am probably not going to tolerate you too well. She’s just the kindest, sweetest, smartest, most assertive bad-ass person I’ve met.

But really, she is super kind. And good. And caring. And tells me all the damn time not to worry even though that’s the one thing that’s a natural reaction for me, jobless, a bit financially out of sorts, more hopeless than I want to be and scared as to what is next. But she keeps that charm going, and the willingness to be flexible even when things get sideways.

I could share all of the stories, but just need to get the obvious in front of you. She told me she liked me. She told me she loved me. She moved to Seattle so I could get the MBA. She still loves me even when my world is messy, and she never loves me less.

It goes a long way in this world to find a fellow human with whom to share it. Hard task, that. She chose me. And I was all YES! Best decision I ever made.

Hero because she is uncompromising. Rockstar because, well, if you’d have met her, you’d know. That’s my partner. Fuck with her at your own risk. She is much more likely to make your day. She makes every single one of mine.

She’s also my fiercest defender. Don’t goddamn well question my presence in the women’s restroom. Her eye-roll alone might break your sorry ass.

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