The coach


Finally, the professional services division of Team T is rounded out by the head coach. I mean, she’s a real-life professional coach. We met because my now former boss was trying to help me out and hired her to work with me. I tried, but, I couldn’t get it together at work and was let go. I figured that would be the end of my relationship with my coach, as my employer was paying for her time.

But it wasn’t. And I remember distinctly when we met again after, she said to me “I am on Team T and you will get through this.” And slowly, I am scraping by. It’s been more than a gift to have someone take the time to ask all of the relevant questions. Coaching is an interesting process and very much helpful.

She’s damn good at her job. I should know. But, she doesn’t (at least to me) appear to be into getting all the credit for people’s progress. She’s polite, of course, if you thank her. But will still insist that I’m doing the work.

I’ll always remember the moment I met her. I was walking down the hall in my office building. My boss introduced us and we shook hands. The first thing she said when we sat down to meet was something about the positive quality of my handshake. Then she complimented me on my (goofy, in my opinion) signature. It’s a scribble, but she said it was a “rockstar” signature. Point being, attention to detail and relentless positivity impress me. For good reason. It’s impressive to know and work with someone who has the best of intentions. And helps me put things in new perspectives, continually. Because stubborn people (ME) are frequently blind.

I’ve learned a ton and grown a bit from this work. And it is work. But if I want to change the way I live in the world, I have to do the work. Also, she’s the reason these words are hitting the page. She never tells me what to do, but I think she may have asked the question “are you writing,” enough times that I started listening to the voice inside that compels me to do so. She helped turn these pages.

“Every time I meet more of myself I can know and love you more.” – Yung Pueblo

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