Team T, part 3

So, about my hairdresser… I would say I’m not generally the most vain person on earth. I don’t wear makeup, my face is what it is. My fashion sense is, as a friend who actually knows something about fashion, is “street style.” I wear a lot of gear made by Chrome. They’re a company who serves bike messengers. Hell, whenever I “make it” (whatever that means), I’m buying 10 pairs of their black on black camouflage pants. That’ll be my uniform. That’s how I roll.

I digress. My hair… Well, I don’t have a hell of a lot of it. Meaning both that I keep it really short and in the past couple of years, what with the stress, it’s thinned out quite a bit. Oops. But, I really like and appreciate a good haircut. And given that I like it short, my hair stylist has to be on point. I also prefer to go to someone who can take care of business, rather than relying on me for too much direction. Once I get to know the person, I want them to just take care of it. I can’t cut hair, so I leave it to the experts.

My hair stylist is a kick-ass human being. Of course my partner found her first. While I was getting my MBA, I couldn’t afford to go to her. However, once I got a real job, I’ve been going every 5 or 6 weeks. She’s one of those awesome combination of hair stylist, confessor/confident and amazing storyteller. She’s tattooed up, Irish, and I met her brother at my local bar and knew him for a couple of years before I knew her or that he was her brother. He salon is a lovely small space without any salon bullshit (trust me, there can be some FOR REAL drama in salons). If you don’t believe me, date a colorist or stylist and you’ll find out.

Anyway, by virtue of her skills and good graces, I generally have pretty good hair. Essential to maintaining whatever confidence I can muster. As I like to say: Keep it high and tight! She also has the sweetest dog, and occasionally brings him in when I have an appointment. Rudy and I have a bond. He’s actually sweet to everyone, but I like to believe our connection is special.

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