Team T, part 2

12192017My other must-have services are acupuncture, massage, and a good haircut. Perhaps not everybody’s top 3 self-care items, but they are mine.

Additional healers

My acupuncturist is the coolest. Super chill, definitely an empath and good at stabbing people just so to make them feel better. If you’ve ever had good acupuncture, hooray! If you’ve not, I recommend trying. Procedure-wise, it’s a bit anomalous. My dude combines acupuncture with cupping. Yes, I pay someone to bruise and stab me. And it’s probably the most relaxing hour of my week. I almost always fall asleep. I snore (oops) but even though he can hear me in his office in the next room, he’s always gracious enough to tell me it’s a sign of success.

Which brings me to the car accident. I’m not saying it’s a good thing to get in a car accident. It’s not. But some fool girl rear-ended us a quarter of a mile from our apartment. We were stopped at a red light. We had been there for at least 10 seconds. But fool girl was looking at her phone. So she didn’t stop. There’s really no excuse. After she hit us, I saw her eyes darting about, looking for a way to escape. NOPE. Adrenaline can be cool at times. I jumped out of our car (I was the passenger) and bolted over to her window. I gave some quite clear instructions that she’d be following my partner to wherever she chose to pull over and we’d exchange info. She claimed not to have an insurance card. We got a picture of her license and her plate, and our insurance company hunted her sorry ass down.

This brings me to the massage therapist. MAGIC HANDS! Since we got rear-ended, my neck was well and truly fucked. Since our assailant’s insurance covered 60 days of claims and because we have excellent insurance, I’ve been able to get a massage weekly since the incident occurred. Talk about awesome. Helps significantly with the cranked neck, but also in general. The impact of this stuff is cumulative. The more I do, the less messed up I feel.

My massage therapist is really great. In addition to her magic hands, she’s just a cool person. She’s friendly and funny, sometimes we chat as she works. Sometimes, I go asleep. Either way, hell yes to good personal injury protection. Because, beyond not feeling terrible, it’s awesome to feel like jello. Especially when I can’t really relax at all. Unless I’m in Hawaii. Different tale, that…

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