Team T


I want anyone who reads this to understand one thing. I am so fortunate. The people in my life are amazing. The first group I’m recognizing here are the pros. Literally professionals who offer services that are damn critical in life, at least in my life.

Let’s start with my doctor. She’s a god damned rockstar. As shit started going sideways in my life, I started going in to see what help I could get. She’s a consummate professional. She listens. She’s worked with me to try and relieve the strain of the big three. I’ve tried ALL of the medications. Most of them had side effects that were worse than any therapeutic benefits. However, my doc patiently worked with me through option after option. I’ve never had so damn doctor’s appointments in my life. But even when a medication proved unhelpful, she kept trying. When she ran out of options, she referred me to a psych doc. Here’s the kicker on that—they actually communicate between themselves and follow-up with me. It’s wild! Suffice it to say the medical group on team T is solid. I trust them. They’ve earned it.

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