What is this nonsense?

TuespostAs the above cases indicate, there is no damn reason for any of this. Was I in harm’s way in any of the situations? Luckily not. It’s all nonsense. Insomnia stops me from sleeping. Depression is my lead balloon. Anxiety is that fucking clown that keeps popping out from behind things and scaring the shit out of me. FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER.

It’s sort of like the time when some kids tried to mug me in Boston. They were likely inexperienced. They definitely sucked at mugging people. There were 3 of them. 1 of me. Walking home, alone, literally on the wrong side of the T tracks.

One kid ran in front of me. I tried to sidestep him but the second kid knocked me down from behind. Since they narrowed my options from fight or flight to simply fight by tossing me to the ground, I accepted the challenge. I screamed like they were fixing to kill me. One kid tried to bend over and muffle my noise-making by putting his hand over my mouth. Had he gotten close enough, I totes would have bit him. Instead, when he leaned over me, I kicked him in the chest hard enough to knock him on his ass and persisted with my screaming. His pal unzipped a pocket on my bag and grabbed something out of it before they took off. Pretty sure he got a tampon.

All of this to say if the damn kids had just grabbed by arm and demanded my wallet, I’d have handed it over. But because they were the worst muggers ever, they got a tampon. Nonsense.

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