When it feels crippling

cripplingBack on the blog, y’all. Resuming sharing from my manuscript. Since I am in training for  a new job, I am not able to time my posts quite as consistently, unless I get ahead, and since I wasn’t ahead (as far as setting up the post), my timing is a little later than normal!

So when you can’t trust your brain and body to work together, things get a lil’ dodgy. When anxiety takes over and I operate out of a fear center, things get dodgy, quickly. My hands shake. I feel nauseous. Sometimes sweaty. Definitely feeling all the vertigo. It’s a deterrent, to say the least. Deterrent to what, you ask? Everything. Leaving the apartment. Going to class. Going to work. Talking to people. Driving. Riding public transit. I need one of those zombie apocalypse shelters for when the anxiety fairy is shaking his wand my way.

Hell, why can’t Cupid or some other archer (Robin Hood?) take that mofo out? The people from the Bridgestone commercial who can puncture tires would do just fine. Anyone?

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