Happy Turkey


I’m only posting once this week, and not from my manuscript.

It’s Thanksgiving week. Though the holiday has some super dubious origins, I love the meal. So, instead of sharing anything about writing, the process of losing and finding myself, or any of that stuff, here’s the deal:

A friend of mine, my age, died last week, unexpectedly (to me, anyway). That sucks, for a whole lot of people who loved him. So, here’s to all of the brave friends that go before us. May you be as fondly remembered as my friend George.

And, for those of us fortunate enough to have people to share Thanksgiving with, may your meal be bountiful. I’m taking off work tomorrow to cook. Gotta get after that pie. More blog next week. Thursday I will be too busy trying not to burst my sweatpants after eating way too much to be bothered.

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