Destructive influence

So, here’s the deal: the deal is not sleeping does a number on people. I can easily go 48 hours without sleeping. It’s not cool. Four hours of sleep a night isn’t cool. I read an article about a study that said if you get less than 4 hours sleep a night for a couple nights in a row, it wrecks your cognitive function. Apparently, getting 4 or fewer hours of sleep a night is about as good for a person as not sleeping. Oops.

I didn’t see anything about anyone studying this pattern over a long-term period. I can say I know it definitely allows me to push myself because I don’t “require” as much sleep as other people. It also literally destroys things. When I was younger, it destroyed any semblance of patience I might have had.

More recently, it definitely contributed to the demise of my last paid job. There was plenty that went into that situation on my end. However, not sleeping does tend to greatly compound problems.

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