Words matter


I speak too soon. I am trying to learn to hold off a bit more. My use of words has done a lot of good things for me but my mouth also gets me in trouble at times. Being quick doesn’t make me right. Frankly, at times, it makes me an asshole. Sometimes people laugh, even if I am being inappropriate. Case in point: last real job I had, we used to share highs and lows from our week during our weekly staff meeting. Small company, these things happen. As it were, my boss and I shared a low one week when we both felt a little burned by an extra-long commute home after a client meeting. She said it sucked. I said it sucked balls. They all laughed. Should I have said it. Nope. Did I get away with it, yes.

Point being, words matter, even when they make people laugh. Or make people cry. Or many other situations. Especially when I tell somebody I love them. Especially when somebody tells me something they haven’t uttered to another soul. Being able to hear and process the words of others matters. Being able to find a way to respond so that the person who asked me to listen feels heard and feels safe is critically important.

Becoming trustworthy requires some measure of caution with words. Being expressive requires some modicum of creativity with words.

I have a couple of pet peeves with the way people mis-use or abuse words. I find it disrespectful, not to the language necessarily, but to the people who take the time to choose their words so as to say what they mean. It’s a mission in life to mean what I say. It’s not a game. I am not out to trick or deceive. I just want to be clear.

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