The believers


The photo attached is for anyone, who like me, loves a good looking rumply dog. And sometimes I feel like this dog looks, but, there is a better focus…

Maybe this is obvious. We all go through moments where we lack confidence. Or at least, that’s how it appears to me. One of the big leadership qualities they harp on in business school is projecting confidence. However that may be, I am of a class of individual who doesn’t have a face that will lie. I am a hardened realist, and don’t enjoy acting. I know more than I say I do at times. I also possess probably a few persons’ worth of self-doubt and anxiety which does a number on my ability to project confidence.

I am hard on myself. Pretty much everyone I know has told me this at some point. It’s super counter-productive. It’s also somewhat helpful because it gives me the ability to push myself to do more. However, it’s ultimately self-destructive to go at it as hard as I do.

So in come the heroes. The better-intentioned. The ones, who, in some way, defend me from myself. The ones who see something in me, something worthwhile, something they will vouch for, even on the days I am not vouching for myself.

More on the specific of this awesome, beautiful cluster of un-related and inter-related people, later. Suffice it to say that people continue to amaze and surprise. People welcome me when I feel broken. People are honest and lovely, and sometimes when it’s hard, I realize it’s actually just me that’s being hard. So much love is exchanged. The heartache is real. The days aren’t short. But, having people that believe in me inspires me to keep trying.

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