Because words


Why I am doing this (part 1)

I have long been a word-oriented person. Although most people engage with the world through language, many people are more drawn to smells, tastes, sights, physical contact. I engage through words. What words mean, how to string them together, when to use which words, etc. All of this has been a life-long focus for me.

When I was 4-ish, I received a Fisher Price tape deck and a bunch of books on tape, along with the books themselves. As I was learning to read by following the books with the tapes, I managed to create a bunch of funny interpretations that made my family members laugh. I didn’t appreciate being laughed at, but it’s funny now. For example, consider the tale of Robin Hood. There’s a point in the kid’s tale that discusses their journey through the “100-acre wood”. I had no clue about acreage, so at the age of 4, I decided they were saying “Hondredega wood”, which could have been a mash up of Hornell and Canandaigua, two nearby towns, or perhaps a mash-up of Hornell and Talladega, because we used to watch NASCAR races at my grandparents’ farmhouse on Sundays.

I blame/credit my mom with cultivating my word-nerdiness. She got me started early. She read to us, but not just bedtime stories. She read Gone with the Wind to my sister and I, theoretically so we could all watch the movie together. Needless to say, I was decidedly more impressed with the book.

Not that much has changed.

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