Books and chilies


Ok, I’ve been a terrible blogger. Just stupid bad. But one of my better influences finally convinced me to get writing. In typical me fashion, I decided to write an outline, like I’m actually gunning to write a book. We shall see. At the very least, I have a long-ass set of blog posts in me.

Who knows, maybe it will become a thing.

The other thing I am actually doing is pickling Thai chilies and pickling things with Thai chilies. I have this deranged notion that I am going to be an entrepreneur and start my own business. I’ve registered with the state and the city, I have a brand, including a logo and a name. And I have pickles. Now I just need some licensing stuff, trademark, insurance. Oh, and a commercial kitchen. And buyers.

More on that whole scene later…

I’ve decided to title my book “Keep Breathing Even When it Hurts”

The title of this work was inspired at a time when I was unwell in many ways. Anxious, depressed, unable to sleep well, I developed a typical winter cold during the 5 months of constant rain and grand total of 19 hours of sunshine in Seattle. Coughing a lot, I managed to tear my intercostal cartilage in my ribcage, the flexy stuff between our ribs that lets our ribcage expand and contract as we breathe. Needless to say, breathing hurt. A lot. But the notion to keep doing it anyway was enough at the time. Gotta do what we gotta do. So, I encourage everyone to keep breathing.

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