Better than sriracha?

20170325_112817 (1)

I know, sacrilege, right? Anyone who has met me, especially if they’ve had a meal with me, knows how sriracha-obsessed I can be. And only one brand will do. Huy Fong Foods. That’s the sriracha gospel. I even went so far as to send them my resume and a cover letter detailing how new entrants are crawling all over their market space and could cause problems in the future, so maybe doing more marketing than just viral stuff online would be a good plan.

Of course, I didn’t hear back from them.

I recently ordered some Thai food for delivery and specifically ask them to include pickled Thai chilies, for that extra little kick. They didn’t include them. So, the quest began. At first, I went to my usual grocery store (Fred Meyer) but didn’t find Thai chilies, so started out by trying some Serrano and Fresno chilies. I looked at a couple other local options and found no luck there, so instead I took a pilgrimage to Uwajimaya, by myself, which can be a dangerous thing. I found Thai chilies, and about $50 worth of other goodies I just had to have…seasoned dried fish, anyone?

I also swung by Pike Place Market, where I routinely buy fruit from one of the vendors. She doesn’t typically stock Thai chilies, but said she could get them for me in 3 pound amounts. That’d be a LOT of hot stuff. I’m also not quite ready for commercial production, though a sliver of my soul does think that’d be awesome. I have yet to find a store where they sell the pickled chilies already prepared, so there’s room in the market. I’m just not sure how many other people out there are gluttons for face-melting punishment.

At any rate, after a trial of 4 different pickling liquids, I came up with one I think is best. For the record, Kat agrees with me, but she only went as far as smelling the various options. Holy crow, it’s HOT. And hot is awesome.

Could this be my new favorite?


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