Something smells funny


Did you ever want to smell like Johnny Depp burying something in desert sands? Or perhaps you are more attracted to Charlize Theron whispering nonsense while gliding across a gilded screen.

No? Me neither. However, ad makers spend millions enticing blockbuster movie directors like Baz Lurhmann and Martin Scorcese to create these vaguely suggestive clips. Supposedly it’s all about sex, so I guess in that case, as long as you fantasize about at least a few celebrities, maybe you’ll run right down to Macy’s and pick up the latest scent from Dior. It’s a $30 billion dollar industry, which indicates lots of people are buying into the fantasy.

Perfume really doesn’t do much. Theoretically, scent plays a big role in attraction. However, I have yet to meet the person who claims that they are in a relationship with someone because of how that person smells. Beyond that, I’ve never heard anybody claim that a particular manufactured scent is responsible for their relationship. I just find these ads misaligned with reality. We all know dropping $100 on a celebrity-endorsed product isn’t bringing us any closer to that person’s wealth or perceived success. Yet, sales keep going up.

I find it ironic in the days of fragrance-free workplaces, all you have to do is enter a department store to receive a scent shower, whether you want it or not. It just makes me wonder, do the people hawking this stuff believe in it? I guess it’s pretty clear I don’t.

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