Ready for launch


I love stories. Hearing them, seeing them, writing them, dreaming them – all of it. One of the things I enjoyed about my previous work gig was that I had to blog. Since it was a marketing firm, posts needed to be loosely related to something marketing-ish, but we had a lot of freedom to write about what we wanted to.

At first, I didn’t think I would like blogging. It felt forced and I wasn’t sure what my “voice” should be. Times changed, and I began to enjoy it, so I guess that was my inspiration to start this.

I’m not overly adept at keeping people up to date on what I am up to, don’t relish talking on the phone, and have limited love for terse-message formats like Twitter. Also, for the few people left who use Facebook, I am not interested in posting or reading longer form pieces there, so I won’t be publishing more than links to my blog.

This is an experiment. It may or may not last, but I won’t know if I want to do this if I don’t try it.

Stay tuned, I promise there will be more substantive, funny, odd tales to come. Pressing the launch button… now.

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