The photo is to remind us here in Seattle that the sky exists. And occasionally, unlike today, it’s not grey and sheeting down rain. Anyway, most of the bartenders I know are named Sarah. It’s an odd truth. And all them Sarahs are fucking cool. As are a bunch of others. Yeah, it pays for … More Barkeep!

Killer B

My upstairs neighbor is such a delight. Beautiful, charming, wounded, hilarious, she’s been an anchor during tumultuous times. First, when I was working like a nut. Actually, we met watching The Walking Dead. Well, my partner was watching the dead walk. I was avoiding actually looking at the screen. B & I chatted, as she … More Killer B

The badass

We met in the MBA program. Our backgrounds are slightly different. I grew up in a rural community in Western New York state. Not quite 5,000 people. She grew up in a small town in China of about 5 million people. Irrespective of that, we bonded over a mutual love of motorcycles and spicy things. … More The badass